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Privacy Policy

Consumer Data Privacy Policy and  Method of Transaction Security for

How information is collected

Information is only collected when you "check out" to complete a purchase.

How is this information kept secure?

This information is sent via CyberSource's SSL Secure Servers. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a method for hiding the information a web browser and a web server send to each other.  SSL is structured to use "certificates" of identity to authenticate web sites and web surfers. These certificates are "digitally signed" and issued by a trusted third party such as Thawte or VeriSign. Such trusted third parties are know as "Certification Authorities" or CAs. Once a web site has registered with a CA, the browser can ask the CA "Is this the correct public key for this company?" Our site is guaranteed secure by Equifax Certification and Card Services International.

How is your information used?

Your information is used soley to process your order with us and your credit card company and to communitcate back to you.  This information will never be shared with any other company or person.

If you have any questions about security with our company, please contact us at craig.nwautoacc@comcast.net.

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